What is the UPDATE procedure ?

I noticed an UPDATE (**not Upgrade **) is available but I don't seem to be able to find any information on the specific procedure to install it. Is it the same as an Upgrade , where I need to deactivate the license , install new software then reactivate the license ? Or will the downloaded UPDATE file simply update my installed version ?

Thank you very much :)


  • If it is an only Update, like V21.1.01 to V21.2.01,
    you just install it and it will update.

    If it is an upgrade, like from V20.2.01 to a V21.1.01,
    you will also just install it, but you will need a new License number available
    to activate it. Which you will get usually by buying an Upgrade or by having
    Maintenance to find in your Accounts Licensing Information.
    And with first start, new BC will ask you if you want to migrate Settings from
    previous detected version.

    That new License number will now also run all your previous BC releases that
    you may still have installed on your machine, or intend to install beside the latest

  • Thank you. I need to just update. I am going from 21.1.04 to 21.2.02-1
    I am assuming the BRICSYS should NOT be running at the time of the update.

  • Yes, closing Bricscad before updating is a good idea.
    (I think a good Software updater would warn and ask for closing anyway)

  • Again , thank you very much. I was able to update my instillation successfully. Here are a few things I learned:

    1.) System must be connected to the internet , Ethernet is best.
    2.) All other apps must be off , not minimized , off , including BRISCAD
    3.) Use the Windows "RUN" app to execute the msi file , after its downloaded
    4.) Agree to whatever default settings come up when the upgrade asks a question.
    5.) Read thru the changes before you run BRICSCAD , there are a lot of changes

    That's about it. It remembered all my setting and where my work was.
    Works great ! I just wish some of this info was somewhere on the website
    or maybe in the app itself. Especially considering that there is an
    UPDATE line on the HELP dropdown menu.

  • It is ridiculous that you cannot see from within the BricsCad application that an update/upgrade is available and that is not possible to install the update from within the application. You cannot even do an update/upgrade from within your account on the licences page.
  • Tom Foster
    edited March 2023

    I just wish some of this info was somewhere on the website

    Absolutely - there's so many questions and difficulties that constantly arise, much of which Support has to spend time answering. There must be a recommended procedure and variants, which should be in an extended Help. It's a black art, which only the old hands can have learned, by bitter experiernce!

    It is ridiculous that you cannot see from within the BricsCad application that an update/upgrade is available

    Or an email to all license holders, as does happen for major upgrades (and beta updates, if you're in the beta programme).

  • I am happy that 90% of my other Pro Apps do offer Update hints and loading
    from within the App. I wish Bricscad could do that too.

    OK Blender for Mac updating is also (completely manually.
    (While on Windows automatically from MS Store or on Linux Store, Snap or Flatpack too)
    But as there are new Blender builds every single day,
    I'm not that bothered not getting a notification.

    And as I'm from Germany, I will get main releases notification a month
    or so too late, once the german localization is ready - which I do not use.

    At least we get Bricscad Beta notifications.
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