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ANybody know how I get right click to enter existing command but also repeat command to start again and repeat command



  • When 'Show Quad on right click' is not selected a right click always repeats the most recent command. When 'Show Quad on right click' is selected the tool button of the most recent command shows in the Quad, when you move the cursor into the quad the six most recent command are available.

  • I cannot get the right click to "enter" either. When I enter a command in the command bar I am used to just clicking the right mouse button to enter the command. When I do that in BricsCAD it cancels the command I am trying to enter and repeats the last command. I have Quad turned off. AutoCAD settings for this are:
    Default Mode - If no objects are selected, right-click means Repeat Last Command
    Edit Mode- If one or more objects are selected, right-click means Shortcut Menu
    Command Mode - If a command is in progress, right-click means ENTER
    How do I configure BricsCAD to work this way?

  • I just found another post that covers this.
    Tools - Customize - Mouse Tab - Mouse Buttons - Click: replace "repeat" with "enter"

    If you want the right-click to repeat the last command WHEN NO COMMAND IS ACTIVE...
    Settings - Shortcut menus = 2

  • Thanks Dustin,

    My issue is very simular, in all honesty I cannot figure it out, but on one computer the setup means I need to escape several times in order to press a new command

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