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edited May 6 in Shape

On the Download and Install Shape instruction page, it says:
"Once BricsCAD has finished installing you will have the option to use the full BricsCAD suite free for 30-days."

Usually "option" means there's another choice, such as "you'll have the option to use the full Bricscad suite free for 30 days, or else just use Shape." Is that what's meant by "option"?

It could also mean "you'll have the option to use the full Bricscad suite free for 30 days, or else buy it immediately."

In other words, do you have to accept the 30-day free trial in order to use Shape? Or can you just use Shape now, without trying out the full Bricscad suite, and still have a 30-day trial of Bricscad if you decide later that you might want to buy it?


  • Pretty sure that the 30-day clock starts at the time of installation. 30 days after installation, the rest of the suite becomes non-functional whether or not it has ever been invoked.

    One tip: If you're looking at evaluating a particular license level (e.g., Lite or Pro but not Mechanical or BIM), set the RUNASLEVEL variable appropriately, then exit and restart.

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