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Compiling error for C# SDK sample

Dear all,

I have setup a environment for compiling C# under Ubuntu using useful instructions. My goal is to test samples from the SDK and learn from them. During building of the sample BRXSDK_Bcad_V21_2_02/samples/CsBrxMgdCivil/CsBrxMgdCivil I receive the error

Failed to load project file '/home/sebastian/Downloads/BRXSDK_Bcad_V21_2_02/samples/CsBrxMgdCivil/CsBrxMgdCivil/CsBrxMgdCivil.csproj'

A forum posts on Stackoverflow hints that this might be due to COMReference in csproj. In my understanding this means that all C# for Bricscad under Linux is unusable. It this true or is there any workaround?

Kind regards



  • Dear Sebastian,
    please try with installed BricsCAD V21.2.04 ... there was indeed a problem with an extended COM TypeLibrary (from V21.2.02), which caused such .NET compilation errors :-(
    Therefore we provided the V21.2.04 hotfix release.
    hope this helps ...
    many greetings !

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