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Hello, using BricsCAD Lite Version 21.1.07, Windows 10. If I publish multiple sheets to .pdf everything works great. Then I notice that I need to edit several files. If I publish again it will still publish the old sheets. This occurs even if I close the current drawing file. Is it still publishing a temporary file? I have to close BricsCAD completely then reopen in order to have the current drawings published. Any help is appreciated.


  • Did you check if the PDF file is still open in your PDF reader/editor? If yes publishing it will not overwrite the PDF file with the updated drawing export because the PDF file is in use.
    I have this happen too when I forget to close the old PDF after doing some corrections/updates.

    Or you could publish the drawings to a PDF with a slightly different filename to see if the issue still occurs because there might be something else going on if it is indeed a bug.

  • RSW, thanks for the input. I tried what you mentioned. Closed .pdf reader, and different file names. It will still publish the old file without new corrections. This only happens when I publish sheets through "sheet sets". If I just publish the drawing through the menu it will create the current .pdf file.

  • Criscola. I am using V21 and I am still having the same problem that you raised in June 2021. I usually do a single check plot of the drawing I'm working on to make sure that changes look ok, but when I publish as part of a sheet set, it does not update the output pdf until I remove and then add the same sheet to the set and re-publish. Its really frustrating. I'm also finding once you create a sheet set, unless I save/close before publishing, the sheet list is not retained, only the sheet set name.Cheers Muzz
  • RSW
    edited May 21
    Did you create a copy of the folder including the sheet set file in that folder?

    The "problem" with sheet sets is that they use absolute file paths so when you create a copy , whether on the same drive or e.g. on another drive on the same computer, the sheet set will still refer to (i.e. use) the files in the original folder location and therefore use the old files.
    The same applies to creating a copy of the file with a different filename even if it is in de same folder (e.g. revision update) while keeping the file with the old filename.

    So anything that changes the full path, and this includes a filename change with the rest of the path being the same, will break the sheet set and it will use the old file(name)s if those are still available and therefore not include any updated files/sheets.
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