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Not publishing current file.

Hello, using BricsCAD Lite Version 21.1.07, Windows 10. If I publish multiple sheets to .pdf everything works great. Then I notice that I need to edit several files. If I publish again it will still publish the old sheets. This occurs even if I close the current drawing file. Is it still publishing a temporary file? I have to close BricsCAD completely then reopen in order to have the current drawings published. Any help is appreciated.


  • Did you check if the PDF file is still open in your PDF reader/editor? If yes publishing it will not overwrite the PDF file with the updated drawing export because the PDF file is in use.
    I have this happen too when I forget to close the old PDF after doing some corrections/updates.

    Or you could publish the drawings to a PDF with a slightly different filename to see if the issue still occurs because there might be something else going on if it is indeed a bug.

  • RSW, thanks for the input. I tried what you mentioned. Closed .pdf reader, and different file names. It will still publish the old file without new corrections. This only happens when I publish sheets through "sheet sets". If I just publish the drawing through the menu it will create the current .pdf file.

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