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Is it possible somehow to make the items "Current UCS", "Current Multiheader style", "Current Multiline Style", etc in the status bar in the same way as it is done for Layers, Dimension Styles? I work in surveying and I often have to switch between different coordinate systems and different Multiheader styles, and each time switching through the dialog box is inconvenient and takes a significant amount of time. There is a lot of space on the screen for this.


  • Please open the UCS toolbar. The UCS control on this toolbar displays the current UCS and you can select all available UCS's in the drop-down.
    A control for MultiLeader styles also exists, but is not available yet in a toolbar. If you want you can create your own toolbar with both the UCS control and the Multileader styles control.

  • Thanks. You helped me resolve this inconvenience. But, I am using a laptop with a low-dpi screen (1366x768); the drop-down list takes up additional space on the toolbar, I would like to move this item to the status bar, since there is a lot of empty space there.

  • A vertical toolbar does not take up much space and can have lots of options, you can have a "FLYOUT" which is a sub menu of a toolbar so 1 icon opens to 10 choices.

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