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BRXSDK Journey Summary

After registering as a developer, I downloaded the Linux V20 BRXSDK and read through the build.txt files.

I installed the CODE::BLOCKS IDE, no problems.

The SDK came with some examples. I went through the examples one by one compiling them. All failed but one, brxSample. I used brxSample as my template for development. The BIM, Civil and Wx were not needed anyway, so I moved on not investigating why they failed.

My application uses complex numbers in the standard GNU C library. These are not compatible with CPP. A few tweaks to the code and things were up and running.

The version of CODE::BLOCKS IDE crashed often. I see there are new versions but I just saved my work often. No problems here. I will upgrade later.

My application was up and running in two weeks time. Thanks Bricssys, for the great work supporting Linux!

I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 FYI.

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