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How can i set the fons size (height) in the command line? (as i do in Autocad settings)?

Thanks in advance


  • It would be possible to change text height with a lisp-based custom command, but I never created one because it's so easy to do that in the Properties bar. I do use a custom command that displays and sets scale factor for any dimensions and leaders in the selection set, because that usually requires scrolling down in the Properties bar.

    If you don't like leaving the Properties bar open all the time, it can be toggled on/off with the TOGGLECOMMANDPROPERTIESBAR command, which I have assigned to a function key.

    Another method I often use to change text height is with the MATCHPROP command, or actually a custom version of it. My Matchprop command takes a selection set as the target and then prompts for a source object whose properties will be assigned to the entire selection set.

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