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Code to turn blocks quickly when imported


when I import a blocks (e.g. valve). I need to do a couple of clicks to turn it in the right directions.

However, it would be great that after import you can hit a key to turn the block in a certain direction. After a couple of clicks of this key you will have your block in the correct position.

Is there anybody how knows if this is possible with a piece of short code?


  • It would be easy to create such a command, but tell us more about exactly what you want it to do.

    If you want a command that rotates the selection set 90° about its centroid each time you press a key, I already have that. And one that flips the selection set horizontally or vertically about its centroid with just a single click to specify whether horizontal or vertical.

  • The DUCS can take care of this.

  • There is solutions like press up arrow and it rotates a fixed angle or press any key Enter to exit or this is my effort.

    (if (not AH:Butts)(load "Multi Radio buttons.lsp"))
    (if (not but)(setq but 1))
    (setq ans (ah:butts but "V" '("Choose angle " " 0" " 22.5 " 45" " 67.5" " 90" " 112.5" " 135" " 157.5 " " 180")) )

    188 x 462 - 7K
    Multi radio buttons.lsp
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