Publish command generates blank pdf files.

Hi folks.... If i use the publish command all i get is blank pdf-files. If i just plot one layout it looks perfekt. Same pagesetup and printer. I have never had this issue before.
Any suggestions what could be wrong???

Anders Lindblom


  • Sometimes multi-page PDF take a while to generate and can appear blank immediately after the PUBLISH command has been used. Are the PDFs still blank a few minutes after creation?

  • BOB2020
    edited June 2022
    I've tried to publish a sheet containing (among other things) an "ole frame" and two "pdf references". The "ole frame" is not printed and the two pdf's each show up as a blank outline of the pdf with a message inside - "Underlays can only be viewed in the 2D wireframe visual style." As near as I can tell that is the style of the drawing.
    Any suggestions?
    I have printed this sheet using a pdf print driver, but the file is almost 20 MB
  • The drawing's VisualStyle is shown, and changeable, in Properties panel.
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