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properties panel is not visible.

My properties panel is no longer available.
I have seen several exchanges suggesting programing changes using regedit.exe.
This command is not even excepted.
Come on man! I'm just draftsman here trying to get it done, not a programmer.
How the heck do I get my properties panel back? in English.


  • @JohnMcHugh,
    Not sure if this is what you need (see attached video), but to turn any panel back on you right click on the three dots (there are lots of them, depending on how many toolbars you have open) and look under "Panels".

    If it isn't look at the second to last entry on this thread from Jason Bourhill.

    Toolbar Recovery.mp4
  • I never realized the "three Dots" ...

    I always right clicked on Tool Icons, but at least brings the same settings panel.

  • Try these steps in order:

    1. Type CLEANSCREENOFF into the command line

    2. Type PROPERTIES into the command line.

    3. Right click the Ribbon > Panles > Properties

    4. Type CUSTOMIZE into the command line > click Manage your customizations... > click Revert to defaults > click OK.

    5. Uninstall and reinstall BricsCAD

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