TIN surface as udatasmith file (Twinmotion import)

I'm getting 1kB output with my TIN surface
Is this possible to bring in a TIN surface. How?


  • In a true TinSurface any given X,Y location can only have (1) elevation. In other words the corners of the buildings would have a point on the ground and another on the roof at the same X,Y. While you can nudge the X,Y to the inside a little and not technically break the TIN, it's still not recommended. So a TinSurface is NOT appropriate to represent what you are showing. It looks like .FBX is the format that's being offered, you should stick with that or another mesh format.

  • I tried exporting TIN to a FBX but nothing happens.
    Send in a support request..

  • Again, while a TinSurface is perfect for the ground points (class 2) from your lidar, the buildings, trees and more cannot be accommodated. In other words you can't export an apple to an orange format.

  • And as IFC?
    What i do now is explod, explode to 3D faces and use that as ifc.
    Not very smart

  • I can import a TIN surface with the FBX extension, but it´s a little tricky. Once you import the FBX file nothing seems to appear. On the right panel, click on the name of the imported file, then press F to fit it on the screen. And then orbit until you see it from below. You´ll see the TIN surface looking downwards. Click on it with the material picker, go to Settings and set Two sided ON. Now you should see the surface from above.

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