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Slab finish. Automatically Updatable.

I continue with my training process in Bricscad. For which I am now modeling a building. One question I have now is:

How to place a slab finish that adapts to the changes that may occur if the position of the walls is modified and that these are updated automatically?

I give you an example.

As you can see, we have a structural concrete slab about 250 mm thick. On which there will be rooms with different finishes, between tile, parquet and wood. The idea is that if by moving some wall they are automatically updated to the new area.

I don't know if the spaces or the rooms can be used for this.

I Model the finishes by use the Solid strude command the boundary space between the slab and the walls.

If we add rig constrainst between face of wall and lateral face of finish if we move the wall the slab can update, but in this way an additional work is generated, not being optimal since it would be easier to move the finishes manually.

Do you know in any way that this can be done?

Thanks a lot.

720 x 549 - 24K
900 x 517 - 27K
622 x 412 - 118K
421 x 404 - 82K


  • Hmmh,

    not sure if I really understand the problem.
    But some thoughts ....

    I think the recommendation is to start with basic singly Ply
    Walls and Slabs for preliminary building design.
    At that stage you should be able to move things around
    and things should stay connected without problems.

    Once you have a relatively fixed design you will start to add
    compositions to Walls and Floors, which still allows
    changes without issues.
    Especially butted connections are save to move Walls around
    or change Slab Z locations.

    Yes, structural Slabs may run through, but as we need mostly
    different Floor packages for each Room, we do not want to
    separate multi Ply Slabs but add extra Floor Packages into
    each Room, by boundary selection and extruding.
    And if you already added Doors and Windows to Walls, mitered
    connections, changes might lead to geometry problems in
    certain areas and you have to care and check these.

    At a later state you would begin detailing by e.g. moving your
    structural Salb under the structural Wall part at a single Wall/Slab
    connection and let PROPAGATE find and complete all similar
    detail situations.
    Generally changes like Moving Walls should still work, but the
    risk, with increased complexity, that something gets wrong increases
    significally. And repairing by Ply connections may get quite tedious.

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