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Showing the Drawing Explorer with Layers Tab


I wanted to write a lisp routine that would show the Drawing Explorer with the Layers tab active as I am not a fan of the layers panel, the command to do this is EXPLAYERS. So, the routine should be simple enough:

(defun c:LL() (command ".explayers") (princ))

But this isn't the case, if I run the command above or type (command "explayers") on the command line the command -LAYER is run. I checked with the command EXPBLOCKS and the same result is achieved. I am curious why this is the case, should the LISP function command not run the command entered as the first parameter just as if a user had typed that particular command on the command line?

I do admit that this is a bit overkill, I could simply edit my .PGP file and assign LL to EXPLAYERS to get around this (this is what I did) but the command above should essentially do the same thing in a somewhat more convoluted way...

Suggestion to the developers - make the drawing explorer dialog box non-modal so that we can control BricsCAD in the background and have the Drawing Explorer window open at the same time.



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