BricsCAD Blade DCL Preview Not Loading

Nothing wrong with the DCL coding - The DCL preview itself won't load. It gives me a 'failed to load' message once and then just does nothing on subsequent attempts.

AutoCAD's VLIDE would have a similar problem, it was related to permissions in the folder in which the temporary dialog is created. Is there, by default, a similar folder with BricsCAD that requires the same permissions be granted?



  • If your debugging change the path for the dcl output to a known directory you open the dcl then and inspect etc I have had dcl with missing } etc. When it all works change back to mktemp

  • Hello,

    can you load the DCL with
    (load_dialog "name.dcl")
    at commandline ?

    Besides, BLADE does not generate a temporary DCL file for that preview, it just loads it (internally) like the (load_dialog) function, with some additional safety measures.

    When generating the DCL file by code, please be careful where it is created :-)
    Without path specification, the generated file will be located in the "current folder" for the bricscad.exe process (usually that one as specified in your desktop icon, under "execute in" - should not be UserDataCache, but any other writable folder).

    You might attach that DCL file here ?
    many greetings !

  • Hi Tortsen and thanks for the quick reply.

    I've just tried one of my lisps with a fairly complex dialog and it worked perfectly without editing (win!). If I copy code as suggested and paste it into my command line I get a "1". Seems all good there.

    When I'm writing the code the DCL Preview button seems 'dead'... simply doesn't do anything. No error, no freezing, etc...

  • Dear Keith (hope that is correct ?),

    I recently found a bug in BLAD's DCL Preview ... was reported by Martin Drese (ExpressTools);
    for a given DCL file, provided by Martin, the same happened on "DCL Preview" : nothing at all.

    The reason was simple - the DCL file used a notation like

    MyDialog :
    dialog {

    when I changed to

    MyDialog : dialog {

    the DCL Preview worked as expected ... meanwhile that bug has been fixed (for V22 in October, as there is no further V21.2 is planned, actually).
    The DCL Preview function needs to scan the contained dialog names, to run the dialog(s) from loaded dcl file, and to show the little prev/next/select dialog bar.

    So I would assume, that it is that "vertical" notation which causes the "no operation" effect ?
    You might workaround by using the more "horizontal" notation, for the time till V22 ...

    hope this hits the nail ?
    otherwise, please feel free to attach your DCL file here, will be happy to investigate & fix what remains ...
    many greetings !

  • Thanks Tortsen. Very easy to work around - in fact, over 75% of my DCL's would have worked as-is... but as luck would have it...

    While I have your attention I just want to say BLADE is great! The nature of the beast is that you hear about the issues more often than the things that work perfectly - many of the features have been extremely helpful and I've only 25-50% of them. Looking forward to seeing your future projects come to life!

  • Dear Keith,
    many thanks for your kind words :-)

    The nature of the beast is that you hear about the issues more often than the things that work perfectly

    yes, indeed :-) but no worries, I'm prepared for this ... and as long as there are reports on such defects, there is a chance to get it fixed :-)

    Here are some of the improvements, coming with V22 :

    • folded segments are stored in persistent way - per file; so any Lisp/Dcl file is shown with last-used folding status, from last session

      • "Syntax & Variables" dialog will show all dependent/referenced Lisp source file(s) - on per-file and per-defun level ... so it is much easier to recognise, which Lisp file(s) are necessary to run a particular file/defun
    • "Expand / Collapse All" now only expands/collapses at level-0 ... nested folds are preserved as they are ... I think, much more useful, instead of expanding/collapsing all levels

    and eventually a few more things (edit values in Inspector) ?
    thanks & many greetings !

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