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How to Know When Model Space Bounds Change

Is there an event I can listen to or another way to know when the viewable bounds of Model Space has changed.

I.e. when the user has zoomed in or out and the coordinates of the centre point has changed?


  • avcavc
    edited July 7

    Do not confuse model dimensions and model viewport settings . Dimensions are specified in the system variables Extmax and Extmin. And the model viewport settings can be obtained from the viewport table by the ViewportTableRecord name "*Active". As for the events - I can’t tell you, but it seems there was an event of changing system variables. And you can catch the event of changing the viewport object.

  • Events: Database.ObjectModified and Database.SystemVariableChanged

  • Thanks for your advice. :-)

    I ended up using Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.ViewChanged event.

    The user will be in Model Space, no viewports I hope.

    When the event fires I am grabbing the system variables Extmax and Extmin.

  • I'm afraid that you are again confusing the dimensions of the model and the visible window. Extmax and Extmin variables have nothing to do with the current view.

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