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Revit vs BricsCAD BIM

Dear community,

in my master thesis I am dealing among other things with a comparison between Revit 2021 and BricsCAD BIM V21.

I've been using and learning Revit for a few years now, but I've just come into contact with BricsCAD BIM for the first time.

My first impression is that BricsCAD BIM takes a completely different approach than Revit. That's why it's difficult for me as a Revit user to rethink and understand the workflow. I also find it difficult to make an objective comparison between the softwares.
In BricsCAD BIM you don't have to define layers like in Revit. You can just start modeling with primitive solids which you classify afterwards. In Revit, you model right away with classified elements.
What other differences are there? Are there any similarities between the softwares?

Is there anyone here who uses Revit and BricsCAD BIM or has switched to BricsCAD BIM? I am looking forward to any experience.

I thank you in advance for an answer!


  • This was done like 30 years ago prior to Autocad Architecture, If your serious about comparing then you need to look further what about Archicad and there are others out there.

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    The approach of Archicad, the old BricsWork c1994 (running on Microstation, and later bought as Microstation's in-house CAD) and 'all' the others is broadly as you see in BricsCad BIM today. Revit was the late-comer major-rethink approach, bought by Autodesk, but now is showing its inflexibilities and no longer looks 'new'. BricsCAD BIM , arisen from the 'original' approach, has several very new features, most importantly, as you say 'You can just start modeling with primitive solids which you classify afterwards' (that classification increasingly automated via AI) , and more, which makes it the 'new new' and is unique.

  • Thank you for your answers!


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your question - it's a broad and deep one that I am afraid cannot be answered altogether in just a forum post?

    I have replied to a similar question a while back in a forum discussion post here: Anyone switched from Autodesk Revit to BricsCAD BIM?

    As you realise as well, the starting points and workflows for both softwares are fundamentally different, so it is really hard to make an objective comparison without taking into account the context of the project, the human resources available and their background. One of the other fundamental differences is that in BricsCAD BIM, we encourage the user to model and design from 3D, whilst Revit allows you to do either 2D or 3D. Again, it really depends on what kind of projects you are going to use on; scale, complexity and all these matters.

    I hope this helps; happy to help and if you would like to discuss further, you can contact me on

    Many thanks


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