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FBX export crash

Hi there, BricsCAD v21 user on Ubuntu 18.04 here.

Basically the title - attempting to export any file to the FBX format results in a crash. I know it has to do with the software attempting to add multiple registrations for QtQml.Models 2 as running BricsCAD from terminal tells me as much, however not having much of a coding background I have next to no idea of what that actually means.

Find attached the output from the terminal from that instance of me reproducing the issue. I'll go ahead and spoil for you the ending, triggered as soon as I click "save" on the export window:

'Cannot add multiple registrations for QtQml.Models 2'
'Aborted (`core´ generated)'

Any ideas as to what may be happening and how to solve it?

BricsCAD terminal FBX esport crash dump.txt


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