Hyperlinks made in BricsCAD aren't being generated when I plot the drawing.

Hi all,
The problem: I'm trying to make a customer facing product sheet in BricsCAD that has various hyperlinks in it (i.e. the website URL at the bottom of the page ) but I've been struggling to get Foxit Reader & Foxit PDF Editor to recognise my hyperlinks even though I can open these hyperlinks in BricsCAD (left click entity>hold right click>hyperlink).

-In the plotter settings for my PDF plotter "Export Hyperlink" is checked.
-PDFexporthyperlink value is set to 1 (Not sure if relevant when plotter is being used)

Additional Question:
Does an entity with an attached hyperlink within a block result in a working hyperlink once the PDF has been plotted?

I've had a good look around and I can't quite nail what I'm doing wrong down and would greatly appreciate if anyone could shed some light on the potential issues.


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