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Commands stop using dialog boxes

I have a problem that occurs sometimes when one of my Lisp scripts breaks or gets cancelled. Probably due to my bad Lisp programming but we won't get into that.

Anyway, what happens is that when I type LAYER for instance the layer dialog box does not come up anymore. Similar when I type XREF. Instead I get command line prompts for the parameters.

I am not explicitly turning these things off -- seems like maybe something in the Lisp script is messing it up. When I go to Settings > User Preferences > Command Dialogs that is set to "Use dialogbox for commands". And I don't see another setting that would affect this. When I shut down and restart Bricscad, the problem is fixed,

Is there a simple setting I'm missing somewhere that would fix this? Thanks!


  • It sounds like your lisp is changing FILEDIA and/or CMDDIA to zero, and not restoring it when you cancel the lisp. You can reset those system variables manually back to 1.

  • Ok, I will try that next time it happens. But wouldn't CMDDIA be the same as the setting that I saw checked in the Settings dialog box ("Use dialogbox for commands")? That was checked but I was not getting dialog boxes. I think I tried setting FILEDIA when it last happened and that was not the problem.

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    File dia should work when no dialog press "~" tilde key the dcl should pop

  • I have this happen occasionally, usually after I've been working in a file for several hours. I only load four lisp files: my toolbox (976KB), ddchprop.lsp, ddmodify.lsp, and ddchtext.lsp. None of these files include the terms FILEDIA or CMDDIA.

    Resetting FILEDIA or CMDDIA does not fix the issue. Closing the file and reopening in the same instance of Bricscad does not fix the issue. I have to close Bricscad completely and start a new instance to restore the dialog boxes.

    I'll try to remember to make notes next time I see this.

  • Have same issue Martin mentioned, when BCAD open "several hours, same file", as well as a number of other "oddities" happening or not happening. Such as unable to move cursor to edit attributed text in a block. Have to close the edit window, & toggle back & forth between PS/MS (which resets it somehow) for it to register movement of the cursor in the editing process. A few other oddities that are intermittent also, too much trouble keeping track of them, but sure wish it was at least as stable as ACAD is/was (haven't used it in 2 yrs.).
    It's the little BIG things like program stability that need attention.

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