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On Ubuntu, No GUI, No Internet. How to move license.

I tried installing a video board for my 2nd monitor to get faster graphics but the board crippled my motherboard connected primary monitor. Took out the board and on boot I get no GUI or Internet connection. Ubuntu reconfigured something automatically and trashed my setup.

I have access to the root directory that includes the /opt/bricsys structure.

How do I take the license off so I can reinstall the OS.


  • I'd send a request to Bricsys (same system as bug reports) explaining the situation and asking that they reset your license.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I went into my BricsCAD account and revoked the license myself. It asked for an explanation and then did it.

    I rebuilt the box and am restoring from backup which will take a few hours and then I'll install BricsCAD and apply the license. I hope it works.

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