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Missing characters

There is a weird problem i encountered while using the program. I cannot write special characters like ČŠĐŽ etc... directly while inserting single or multi line text. I can however enter them in command console and then copy - paste them in.
Anyone ever encountered such a problem?
Best regards

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    Ok, after some trial i got it to work, in Linux Mint it seems that the keyboard layout that was made during the installation is somehow hindering the detection of some keys. Upon installing a few additional layouts (for the same language) it accepted the input of these keys both in command line and while editing text.


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    hi Crtomir,

    I would advise you to create a ticket from your bricsys account in order for our support team to assist you. Please make sure to describe a very specific scenario (which font you use, which are the region settings on your machine ...) as it is most important that the technical team is able to reproduce the issue on our side.


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