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I have to export tins an 3d-polylines to LANDXML with a format for "ArchiCAD".
How (where) can i define the right xml-format? The "ArchiCAD" format looks like this.

Can somebody help?
Thank you very much.


  • Terry Dotson
    edited August 2021

    BricsCAD v20 Platinum and v21 Pro both have a built in LANDXMLEXPORT command to export their TinSurfaces to LandXML format. There is only one LandXML schema so there is no right xml format, only a question of adherence to the definition.

  • Thanks a lot.
    My question comes from this, because the two XML look completely different (BricsCAD - ArchiCAD).
    So the crucial point for me is, that no output definitions can be made in BricsCAD.

  • Can you attached an example XML file from ArchiCAD. I'm pretty familiar with the proper schema of LandXML.

  • Of course... it is from this site

  • That appears to be a valid LandXML file, but it does NOT appear to be created by ArchiCAD. A LandXML file has an application name field and your file indicates it was created by "Bentley InRoads Site V8i (SELECTseries 2)". I Imported your file into BricsCAD v21 with no problems, then I exported it out of BricsCAD to another file which I had no problem reading in other LandXML compatible software.

    In other words I can't reproduce a problem with BricsCAD. What version are you using?

    edited August 2021

    Whilst Terry has provided excellent help have you looked at exporting the TIN as 3dfaces, were external clients were involved found this to be very reliable as other software could read 3dfaces and recreate a TIN if required.

    A side note found exporting xml surface in CIV3D then importing into another dwg left a snail trail of where the xml was saved, problems when saved on c: and not with project on a server.

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