Hardware to big 3D projects in Briscad

What hardware to buy to work on big 3D projects. (like: make a factory and equipment) all in place, but also using Xref
Gaming or professional GPU...
Ram? the amount...

Can someone give me some examples of Desktop and Laptop?
Thank you very much

Pedro Coelho


  • hi Pedro,

    go for:

    • the fastest CPU (ryzen 5000 series or Intel 11th gen)
    • fast SSD
    • 16/32GB RAM
    • mid-range gamming video card (professional GPUs do not bring extra performance for BricsCAD rendering engine, which is redway3d). so, a rtx 3060 or rx 6600xt will do just fine

    you can find here an useful article on how to choose hardware:


  • Tom Foster
    edited August 2021

    Isn't there something missing here? Even with "the fastest CPU (ryzen 5000 series or Intel 11th gen)" there's a trade-off between expensive 'premium' multi-multi-threaded versions, and much cheaper minimum-threaded versions. The latter actually have faster clock speed. CAD technology is mostly single-threaded, cannot take advantage of multi-threading - but CAD will benefit most from best possible clock speed. So on that basis, a cheaper minimum-threaded version will perform better with CAD than an expensive multi-threaded version.

    Exceptions - CAD (incl Brics) is rewriting certain non-core modules to benefit from multi-threading - but that's marginal, so far.
    And if you're doing rendering as well as the CAD, everything changes - multi-threading then becomes essential, even if CAD performance takes a knock.

    Very intertesting to get a clear advice for "mid-range gaming video card", not to waste money on a 'pro' card.

  • Tks for all. This answers gave me the help that i need . Regards for all.
    Pedro Coelho

  • The only direct comparison for Quadro vs GTX gaming cards under Bricscad that I could find is here: https://forum.bricsys.com/discussion/comment/32839/#Comment_32839

    It's a little old; Bricscad and both styles of graphics cards have evolved since then. Would be great if someone could do a comparison where the graphics cards were the only variable which changed, using current generation Bricscad and cards.

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