Civil addon for BricsCAD

CadTools, 3D and surface utility for AutoCAD and ZWCAD is now available with support for BricsCAD (Select BricsCAD as CAD version in the settings form)


  • Michael Mayer
    edited August 2021

    Lars, thank you so much.
    Your CAD Tools are absolutely great and thanks for sharing !

    I am no Civil Engineer, so I may not need most of the Tools.
    But there are some pearls like Layer Visibility Switching which
    I sent many feature requests since years.
    And I wished Bricscad would include such fast Layer switching.
    All OFF but active and such things.

    If you read through all your features, you can see a quite comprehensive
    list of things where Autocad failed or was just ignorant. All things you
    would expect being just mandatory.

  • Lars Karlsson
    edited August 2021

    Thank you for your kind feedback.

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