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What command - to stitch 3D faces together? ANSWERED.

edited August 27 in 3D Modeling

See attached image (as example) - How do I stitch faces together to get 1 mesh entity?
In the attached example all the triangles are independent faces...

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.05.19 PM.png
2286 x 1476 - 475K


  • Hi GrahamG,



    If you have 3D Faces, you have to convert them to Regions first.
    (Select - Create Region)

    Then you can stitch them and will get a Solid
    (if it was a proper Volume)
    or a Surface.

    Which you should be able to convert/degrade to a Mesh, if needed.

  • Thanks Michael,
    Convert to Regions - then DMSTITCH did the ‘trick’…
    Saved as a surface.


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