Improvements Planned for 3D modelling in BricsCAD V22?

I'm doing okay with the 3D modelling in BricsCAD moving from AutoCAD. I'm really liking some features (especially the "modelling" view style -very easy on the eyes!!) I am missing a few things however and therefore am very curious as to what's coming in release V22.

I notice that there is a lack of previewing certain operations. For example, EXTRUDE doesn't preview, DMPUSHPULL does (maybe I've got a setting turned off?). Previewing of operations as DMPUSHPULL does would be invaluable and really compliment all the good things already existing. Previewing slicing solids would be invaluable as well.

I've also had a lot of trouble with the SWEEP command. It was literally impossible to align my sweep the way I wanted it (even offsetting the path) where as this took a single try in AutoCAD. I might post this as a separate issue layer. But it relates to above where if one can't preview a command they sometimes don't know what they are going to get.


  • V22 won't be out till November I think, so probably won't get a preview till next month sometime.

    Sweep has always baffled me too. Wish there were some more videos on it regarding the mechanical side.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited September 2021

    Exactly, we won't know until November.

    But I don't expect much improvements in Modeling.
    Especially in all DM .... Commands.
    As they are already quite good.

    I expect more improvements or new features in AI Tools.
    Or more compatibility with latest IFC standards.
    And maybe some completely new features that I could not
    even imagine that I would need.
    I think it was mentioned that complicated drawing customization
    will get more user friendly. Looking for ward to this.

    And of course I mostly hope for a native Mac ARM Version of Bricscad
    optimized for M1 SoCs and coming Apple SoC's with optimizations
    and Support for Metal Graphics and Apples unified Memory.
    I would be disappointed if that doesn't work out with V22.

  • No need to wait for November. Join Beta Testing Now. V22.1.02 is available for download.
  • Michael Mayer
    edited September 2021

    Join Beta Testing Now. V22.1.02 is available for download.

    I do, since V22.1.01.

    I even did a bit of real work on first V22 Beta.
    Unfortunately, without documentation, I was not even able to find those
    new features in the Beta App, which I was interested in and that
    I found in Release notes. Like New Panels and such.
    I don't think the Beta will contain all highlights that will be presented
    in Bricssys Conference.
    And honestly I hadn't the time to really find or examine much new V22
    There were more unofficial announcements in this forum by Bricsys
    developers about coming V22 features than I was able to detect by
    my superficial look at the Beta.

    This was just my personal unprejudiced glass ball view about what will
    come in V22.
    So I am really looking forward to the video presentations in November
    to understand what is new and how it is meant to be used.

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