.dwl files

Is there a way to not show .dwl files in the finder? - Platform: macOS (Big Sur 11.5.2)
(see example attached - these 2x .dwl files appear on every .dwg.)
ie: Is there an option to turn off in settings, so the files don't appear.

Best... Graham


  • I am sure there are ways to prevent displaying certain File Types
    by some advanced Terminal Commands,
    but that is far above my pay grade and may be a bit risky and
    just a Workaround.

    It is a bit annoying and does not help to read your File Structure
    or Project Hierarchy.
    And it is not only *.DWL but also *.BAK, Import Logs and the like,
    which clutter your alphabetic order in Finder.

    Not sure if that is something Bricsys could easily improve.

    I personally would vote for packing all these secondary File Types
    into a single Folder, beside the Drawing Files.

    Or basically I would prefer to have all the *.BAK Files in my custom
    local Auto Backup Directory Path (which may be a problem when
    accessing the Drawing Files from other Machines)

    I think it is worth to file a Support Request and get Bricsys View
    and opinion.

  • On Windows, you can hide the DWL files by selecting "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives" in the View tab of the Folder Options palette (Windows Explorer > View > Options > Change folder and search options).

    When I was using a Mac, about 25 years ago, I don't think it had an option to show hidden files. It had far more hidden files than Windows had, but wouldn't let me see them. Whenever I'd send a file to a Windows computer, another file would be sent along with it, one that I couldn't see on the Mac.

  • When I was using a Mac, about 25 years ago, I don't think it had an option to show hidden files.

    There are several Apps that will switch that for you (e.g. Pathfinder)
    or there are Terminal Commands.

    Usually everything on Mac is hidden by default when it starts with a dot.
    Like Bricscad's hidden Config File called .config

    But the easiest way to switch (similar to Linux) hidden Files Visibility on Mac is By

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