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creating/exporting to geoPDFs

Does any know of a third party plug-in that can create geoPDFs? I have just discovered AVENZA maps which can use geoPDFs so if I can export to that file type I can take my civil design plan to site on tablet or phone and using GPS get a fairly good idea of where I am relative to design features.

There is an online tool but didn't seem to handle text very well, and I am currently downloading a standalone product but would be good to be able to export direct out of BricsCAD.

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    Did you google found a couple of online services. "create geopdf autocad"

  • Thanks Alanh. The only online converter I can find is mygeodata. It works really well when there is no text in the drawing but when there is text it appears to enlarge it by such an extent it obscures the drawing. I thought I might have a solution using QGIS but there seems to be an issue with the georefrencing data it produces and I don't know enough about either GIS or georefrencing to figure out what's wrong.
  • So figured out I was selecting the wrong Coordinate Reference System in QGIS. Now works really well. Just would be good to be able to export direct to geoPDF from BricasCAD. Even so can recommend Avena maps app for your phone and geoPDFs of your civil design road pipeline etc. It's going to change my life.
  • Its possible to use QGIS to generate GeoPDF from a BricsCAD .dwg.

    Attach and example created using this method.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V21 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

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