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Exaggerated View for Surface Models


is there a way to display an exaggerated view the height differences in a terrain surface. This is very helpful if the slope is very soft, e.g. 1%.



  • Currently you would need to scale your Z values and make sure everyone involved understands that it has been applied. Most of the time the exaggeration is applied to profiles and cross sections, not the surface itself. If you're interested in a tool to generate profiles and sections of BricsCAD TinSurfaces,, take a look at DotSoft's MapWorks for BricsCAD.

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    If you export The TIN as 3dfaces can redo a new TIN based on 3dfaces with exaggerated Z's. Have done in the past. Some of the add on software has a exaggerate factor for display.

  • Why not just xref your TIN model into another drawing, and then turn up the z-scale of the insertion until you get the desired effect (left: the original model, right: the model as xref with a z-scale of 20)?

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