Is there a way to get the weith of a volume?

Hi there! I use BricsCAD in my work and I need to calculate the volume from the point cloud rised before. Is there a way to do it in this software? Thanks!


  • I don't think there is any option to calculate it directly from the Point Cloud.
    Which is - just a dumb Cloud of - Points ...
    If the geometry isn't too complex, you may need to manually draw in some
    Solids, which will give you the Volume.

  • Much improved detection of planes, solids even, is trailed for v22, so this shd be poss, if not already?

  • Plane detection and those things will already help to create Solids.

    But if not too complex, just snapping and using Direct Modeling
    maybe even faster (?)

  • You can use POINTCLOUDFITPLANAR to fit planar surfaces (or even solids, in case of room-like structures) on your pointcloud. This way you might be able to convert your pointcloud to geometric entities and then get the volume.

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