Windows 11


The question of Windows 11 has been asked on another forum starts with A.

Any comments about going to this new version ? Last time I went and got a coffee came back and windows 10 was installing.


  • I'ld expect that we would have gotten an official warning already,
    if Bricscad would be negatively influenced by Win11 - or not (?)

    My primary CAD App is testing since release of Win11,
    so far no problem found but they ask to wait upgrading until
    testing has finished.

    Win10 does still not offer the upgrade for me, although I passed
    the hardware check successfully.
    I see that my AMD GPU has no official WHQL Win11 Driver yet.
    Or because AMD CPUs run slower than under Win10.
    (temporarily until November ?)
    Maybe these are the reason for the missing Win11 upgrade offer.

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