Mac Book 13" 2020 /macOS Big Sur 11.6 -BUG

Bug on application bar: Is not possible change the text font or the text size because the selection button and the cells are blocked. How to do?


    • if I set the cursor line size >10 the cursor disappears. This is a big problem because I lose an important reference when creating drawings;
    • when I open the text editor I can't change the text size or formatting unless I right click on the selected text. The only way I can change the text size is by using the side panel.
  • if I set the cursor line size >10 the cursor disappears.

    Unfortunately Full Screen Cursor was always a problem on Mac, in general.

  • Thank you Michael for the kind answer and the support :-)

  • AFAIR there was a workaround by adapting different settings that
    made the full screen cursor happen also on Mac. But AFAIK lead
    to other issues.
    I already forgot witch settings exactly. But there should be one or
    more older threads in this forum.
    I just can't find them via Forum Search until now.

    But I hope more 2D experienced users will chime in for your
    Text Style issues.

  • I submitted a bug report about the text formating quite a while back, it was reported to development, and may have been fixed in V.22. Michael is correct, the crosshairs have been a problem, but I've been able to go to 100 for the last few versions. With the exception of V.21 where the crosshairs will kind of randomly disappear when switching between drawings, then reappear when I flip from model to paper space. I suggest you file a support request and get some advice from staff.

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