I use EXCEL for everything in BricsCad. I basically have 4 different extractions I use. I created each one and was in hope of using these extractions on multiple DWG (re-utilizing the formats). When I do a DATAEXTRACTION I chose Based on an existing data extraction definition but when I get to the point of the attributes they are not listed for the block chosen and the command will not allow me to go further. In essence I have to create a new extraction and reposition all my attributes (boring) etc. etc. etc. I basically really want to extract the same data but in the same format i.e. in the proper excel columns so I do not have to reform in EXCEL. What am I doing wrong or can this truly be done.

Any help please.


  • Whilst it is a task you can talk to excel directly a good start is getexcel.lsp. You are looking for a put range of your blocks attributes. As you have mentioned may need filters to make sure export correct items.

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