changing dictionary to en-gb

I am currently using the evaluation version with a en-us dictionary and want to change to en-gb, is this only available in the full licensed verson. I have followed the instructions on the website to goto openoffice extensions website but there are no en-gb dictionary files only a .oxt file. Anybody who has any helpful pointers would great,

thanks in advance!


  • Same issue for me as well. I haven't found a solution but will let you know if I do.

  • Found the below in the Bricsys help files and it worked perfectly for me. I only exported the en-gb files.

    Just wish Bricsys would spell check automatically instead of having to manually run a check.

    To add a new main dictionary

    Open the Spell Checking dialog box.
    Click the Change Dictionaries... button.
    Click the Download... button.
    Your browser opens:
    Scroll down to the language of your choice, then click the link to open the page of the selected language.
    Click the Download extension button to start downloading the *.oxt file.
    Change the oxt extension to zip.
    Extract the *.aff and *.dic files from the ZIP file to the folder C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD Vx\Support.

    The dictionary is now available in the Main Dictionary list on the Change Dictionaries dialog box.

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