Push pull from a reference point

I want to push pull a solid from say 75.38 to 90 without having to calculate the distance, how would I go about that? In AutoCAD I use the command FROM, select the base of the solid & enter 90 for the distance, but I can't seem to do it in Bricscad. Thank you.


  • See movie in attachment.
    Do the following:

    • select the face to push pull (press the TAB key to select an obscured face).
    • start the pushpull command
    • place the cursor over the reference face, then press the TAB key.
    • type a value in the dynamic distance field.
  • Another option is the Nearest Distance feature.
    First select the reference face, then the face you wan to move. The current distance between the faces displays. Type a value, then press Enter.
    See movie in attachment and https://help.bricsys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011368453-Nearest-distance

  • Mmm, it's even simpler, repeatedly press the TAB key to highlight all faces parallel to the face being pushpulled one by one, then type a value in the dynamic field when the desired face highlights. The nearest parallel face highlights first. Keep the shift key press when pressing the TAB key to cycle in revers order.

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