Understanding BRX Builds on Linux

Greetings everyone,

Who here is building their BRX application using the command line in Linux? I'd appreciate input from anyone who's succesfully building outside of an IDE.

I have development environments set up on both openSUSE Leap 15.2 and Tumbleweed distributions using the GCC compiler. I receive so many warnings and errors when attempting to build the brxSample project that I'd simply like to see the g++ command others use to ensure I'm on the right track. My BRX SDK environment variables are set properly.

I've built code::blocks to run on openSUSE in order to open up the SDK sample project and check the build options to ensure I'm not missing anything. When building with code::blocks, the build log actually reports the g++ command, so I guess anyone building BRX applications using code::blocks could help me out too by showing me their g++ command.

Thanks in advance!

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