V19 Crash - customer side.

I'm using V21.2.07 and one of my customers use V19.
when he try to open some of my drawings (2D only) his bricscad crash and he get the error massage seen in the attached photo.
any idea why this happens?


  • Does your customer really uses V19 ?
    The error comes from (attempt to) loading a "CADEARTH21-64B.ARX" module, seems from CADEarth application ?
    And as the name implies, that module is intended for V21 ?
    So your customer has to review his/her CADEarth installation ... eventually installed the wrong version ?
    In worst case, she/he has to contact CADEarth developer to investigate + fix the installation ...
    hope this explains & helps a bit ?
    many greetings !

  • @Torsten Moses
    yes - he dose use V19...
    I've asked him to check if Cad Earth is installed on his machine, and if it is so - to uninstall it.
    apparently, Cad Earth was installed on his machine (he wasn't even aware of that...),
    so he uninstalled it and the problem was solved.

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