Can you import Inventor files into BricsCAD?

We are looking into transitioning from AutoCAD and Inventor to BricsCAD, but we haven't found any way to import or open the Inventor files. Is this possible, and if so how do you do it?


  • I found out I have to have Communicator installed to import Inventor files. When I try to install the trial version of communicator I cannot get it to work, it never gives me the option to activate, and it does not show up with a desktop shortcut. Any ideas?

  • aridzv
    edited October 2021

    I had the same problem, I've opened a support request and in less then a day I got an answer from the support team.
    what they did is sending me the trail activation code,
    and then you need to go to Help->License Manager->Communicator For Bricscad->Manage License and put the activation code.
    make sure that you are using the compatible communicator for your bricscad version ( communicator V21 for bricscad V21 for example).

  • aridzv
    edited October 2021

    (I cant edit the previous comment since there is a problem of the new forum in google chrome...)
    maybe before doing what I suggested in my previous comment try to change the variable "USECOMMUNICATOR" to [1] (using communicator trial).
    you can also go to settings and change it from there (see attached screenshot).

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