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I am trying to create a library of details to use in various projects where member profiles are slightly different. For example I have created a detail of an end plate (200EP.dwg) that welds to an AS UB 200x25.4 beam and when I drag that into the model its adds the plate to the beam successfully.
What I would like to do is to have that same detail work on the different size beams that are available in the profile library. The constraints I have added in the detail are the top of the plate being 6mm below the top face of the beam and the bottom of the plate being 6mm above the bottom face of the beam. Therefore if the beam depth increases, so does the length of the plate.
I tried to parameterize the detail but a message shows "Parameterize this detail is not possible".
Can this be achieved with Bricscad and if so how?


  • Hi Ian,

    Parametrizing details is possible in BricsCAD, but only with details that has 2 or more reference/base solids. In your drawing, you only have 1 reference solid, that's why Parametrizing was not possible.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks for your reply Chi-Yan,

    I have created a connection detail with 2 solids and a web side plate for an AS UB 200x18.2 and it has been parameterized. What I would like to do is use that detail on different size beams.
    Is that possible?

    I have attached the connection detail drawing and a drawing with different sized beams.

    Thanks Ian

  • I cant seem to attach the files.

  • I cant seem to attach the files.
    Message "You are not allowed to upload files in this category"

  • Hi Ian,
    Apologies for the inconvenience.
    The bugs regarding attachments should be fixed, you can attach your files now.
    Kind regards,
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