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I have multiple assembly drawings in Bricscad Mechanical, most of them have a file size between 3 and 6 MB.
Now I have one that is 53MB and takes a long time to open, if Bricscad does not break down while opening...
All the parts in this file are external components. I have tried Audit and Purge but nothing seems to work.
Who has another idea to make this file smaller?

Thank you in advance.

Gr Patrick


  • dionsimms
    edited January 15
    Try setting your BMAUTOUPDATE to 0 in your settings before opening, might help with the file-open speed. Won't do a whole lot for your update durations if they're slow for you, but at least you can choose what needs to be updated.
  • Hello Patrick,
    Making files external does not decrease the file size.
    Bricscad copies all the external files into the main file. So everything thats in the external file is also in the assembly.

    The only way to reduce the size is by decreasing the complexity of the models.
    So remove unnecessary chamers/fillets/holes, don't display threaded holes and things like that. There is also a tool to simplify geometry I believe.

    If you post your model we could take a look and see if there is anything that can be done.

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