V22 crashing on 'space bar'

Just wondered if anyone else was having this issue since the update.

Select an item or items and pick a grip to manipulate - hit the spacebar to rotate through 'move' > 'rotate' > 'scale' etc. and the program crashes. Thankfully I am usually offered to recover the drawing and that is successful, but having been working away this morning I suspect I am into a dozen highly repeatable failures.......


  • It sounds like a bug, or maybe something corrupt in the file. If you file a support request, they'll find it and fix it. You don't need to be licensed to file a support request.

    Go to https://www.bricsys.com/en-us/support/ and select "Bricscad" and then maybe "Other/General" and then "New Support Request." Give them the file and the same information you posted here.

  • It is working fine on my system as far as I can tell, but it may be dependent on the type of object. Does it happen with any object or only with a few specific types of objects? Are you on Windows, Mac or Linux?

    What I do experience is that accidentally hitting the spacebar (or sometimes another key) while an operation is in progress can cause BricsCAD to crash. The underlying issue of that might be the same causing your issue.

    If it is repeatable as you mentioned then it is most likely a bug, so filing a support request is your best chance to find out and have it fixed.

  • Hi. Yes, have filed a bug report.

    For reference if anyone else goes find it, Windows 11 and affecting both single and multiple object types selected at once. It doesn't happen every time but certainly often enough that I would call it a bug.

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