Type determination of CAD

Hello All.
Is there a way to determine the type of CAD that is being run?
Is it possible to determine whether BricsCAD or AutoCAD is used in Lisp?

Thank you.


  • (getvar "acadver")

  • re: (getvar "acadver") Opening third party dwg yields "22.1 BricsCAD" (I'm running v21).
    Opening it in Notepad shows "AC1032" (Autocad v 2018-2020) and "...T h i s f i l e i s a T r u s t e d
    D W G l a s t s a v e d b y a n A u t o d e s k a p p l i c a t i o n"

  • Thank you all very much!
    By the way, in AutoCAD, it's expressed as "23.0s (LMS Tech)"!

  • Another is (vlax-product-key) and use wcmatch look for Bricscad.

  • An extra couple of knowns Bricscad v's Autocad, Ploygon command is different, Reverse does not exist, Pedit R works on plines, Cal as geom calculator does not exist. Maybe V 22 ?

  • @ALANH
    That'll show it as ACAD and BricsCAD.
    Thank you very much for the information.

  • (= "BRICSCAD" (strcase (getvar 'product)))

  • Oh, my God.
    That's the simplest one.
    Thank you very much.

  • Interesting CIV3D still says "Autocad" I have a problem with proxy objects in plain Autocad.

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