Lagging through HDMI

I use Bricscad for traffic management plans with the cone11 add on.
My laptop is a Lenovo thinkpad P43s

When at my office it is sat on a lenovo docking station connected to dual screen and it runs seamlessly.

When at home I connect to a single sceen via a HDMI cable and bricscad is very laggy and very slow.
Even drawing simple lines is a pain.

Its not the differance in screens as ive got the same screens.

Could anyone give me any advice?




  • Somehow, you're probably getting a different video set up or acceleration via the docking station.

    I've got a dual screen set up and for a time used the box's motherboard HDMI port to run the second monitor, the CAD monitor. The primary monitor was on a Quadro display port board. The difference in speed depending on which monitor I used was night and day. I got a display port to HDMI cable and now run the HDMI monitor via the Quadro board and the speed increase is several hundred percent.

    Check your video environment in both cases.

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