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I've read the post about BricsCAD and parametric blocks.

However.... I was wondering if there was any plans to expand parametric blocks to incorporate some of the features of dynamic blocks. The main parameters that I have imbedded within my vast number of dynamic blocks are the visibility parameter, grips, and rotate as well as text attributes.

I notice that some of the dynamic blocks that use stretch parameters do now work well in BricsCAD.

Is there a plan to expand parametric blocks to have more of the parameters which make life so much easier (and quicker to design) .....

What has / does everyone else do?

I am not really bothered about scaling my blocks as I tend to work at either 1:50 / 1:100 (less so). and it's more the grips and rotate functionality (as well as visibility) which I know parametric blocks do have.

I notice that BricsCAD does not like editing dynamic blocks either (some will open, others will not using "BE" even when they are set to explodable / editable).

Many thanks for anyone's time and direction

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