What's Good For Building Steel Frame Shop Drawings

Does anyone have any suggestions for what is best for steel shop drawings in BricsCAD.
Does BIM cover that, or should I get a plug in ? If so , what plug in ?

I've just been informed of a big protect for some steel framed buildings and I'll be doing all of the shop drawings. I want to keep it all as clean, organised, and changeable as possible. My clients are famous for changing their minds. So I'll probably finish the shop drawings and then they will decide to make some rooms bigger, or add an extra floor....

Right now I've got the BricsCAD mechanical licence.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions and comments.


  • I don't know first hand, but Parabuild looks like something you seek. I doubt that just Bricscad will do the job. With shop drawings you want automatic connections design, dimensioning, parts lists...

  • I use Bricscad BIM.
    It has all the steel profiles built in and along with parametric custom details and creating a component for each assembly, you can produce shop detail drawings and fitting sheets quite efficiently.

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