Drawing with attached PDF prints black

I have a drawing that has an attached pdf of a text block. When I print the exported pdf of the drawing, the graphics print as expected, but the attached pdf text block prints solid black. Does anyone know if there is a way to remedy this in Bricscad?


  • also, MacOS 11.6, Bricscad v.21.2

  • Could you post a sample .dwg + attached .pdf so we can take a look at them?

  • I think I found a reason for this behavior. Instead of using the print command from the drop down menu ("_qprint", which makes a pdf), I had used "exportpdf" to make the pdf, which I then printed. (I made a tool bar button for this so I could skip using the print command.) The blacked out text resulted. I just made a new pdf using the print command, then printed that and the text block is no longer black. Apparently, these two commands have different ways of creating a pdf. I've been using the exportpdf command since v.16 and this is the first time I've had this issue with a referenced pdf. Sticking with qprint now.

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