How to import a 3d mesh to BricsCAD Prov21 ?

The geometry in AutoCAD is mostly 3D mesh objects.
How to import a 3d mesh to BricsCAD Prov21 ?
I tryed without success.Can you give me the exact commands name and sequences ?


  • Usually you would just open the Autocad DWG file in Bricscad.
    And in the best case, if the Meshes are healthy, CONVTOSOLID
    can even convert them to true Solids in Bricscad.

  • Hi Michael , than you for the fast answer.The procedure indicated from you it the same in the case of import terrain 3D Mesh from Autocad to BricsCAD?

  • I think yes.

    Bricscad is also DWG and 99% Autocad compatible.
    This is far more lossless than any form of importing foreign file formats.
    So as long you get data from real Autocad you're all good.

    If you'll get DWG exports from e.g. Vectorworks, some loss already
    happens on VW's export side.
    But even when I have some Meshes in VW beside true Solids, these
    come in fine into Bricscad.
    (Easier and more reliable than some Solid or Plugin geometries)

    So if you open the Autocad File, there should be Meshes, including
    the terrain mesh - just as a simple mesh object.

    In Bricscad BIM you could create again a TIN/DTM model from that Mesh.
    But I am not sure if the terrain tools are included in a Bricscad Pro license .....

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