Licence issues

Hello! I have a problem. My laptop went broken, dead but I have few programs installed on it. One of those programs is Bricscad with a licence number (V16) stuck in it. I bought a new desktop PC, and I want to enter the licence number, but I get the message that the licence number is already in use . ... I am desperate because I need Bricscad for my job! Is there any way to solve this issue?
Thank you in advance!


  • Hmmh,
    I am sure there was once a way to cancel an activation if you
    lost access to the operation system.
    (When Windows update killed my installation in the past)

    Can't remember how this procedure was exactly called or if it
    worked from my Online Accout/Licenses or from Bricscad's
    License Manager.
    You could do this only 2 times per License and had to describe
    your reasons for resetting.

    I would file a Support Ticket.

  • Yeah, why would anyone believe me? Just do not know what to do... Licence number is still valid, but can't be used. OS on laptop just wont start. If it does, I would deactivate it. Pfff
    I will see what to do.

  • At the bottom of the Bricscad Website is still a "manage licenses" link
    to your Account and Licenses - if you have one.
    If you click on the "pen" behind the license number, you will get to a site,
    showing your current activations.
    Behind is a cross icon to start "Revoke License" process.

    If you do not have an Account, file a Support Request,
    they don't bite, they will help you ....

  • I need HELP!!
    My laptop crashed and died. With it went my Brics OS, I need to cancel and reinstall on my new computer.

    So, forgot my password. When I go to log in and click "forgot password" and type my email and I get a blank email, nothing to reset my password....AAAARRRGGG

    So I go to forum, log in with email and click box for "forgot my password" and I get email that works to reset my password but now password only works on Forum, not to get to my account activity or any other sites on Brics.

    I really like Brics, I hate the autoridiculous fumblejumble that Brics uses! WHAT, no 800 number for support, does AutoCAD do this to their customers????
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    AutoCAD does a lot worse things to their customers at times.

    You can activate on two computers, so if you don't have it installed on another computer besides your laptop you should be able to activate it on your new laptop and then try to reset your password to your account later to deactivate the old laptop.

    If it is also installed on another computer then you could deactivate on the other computer when you need it on the laptop, and then do the reverse when you need it again on the other computer until the account issue has been solved. There is no limit to the number of deactivations/re-activations so you could do this multiple times a week if needed for the time being. It is a minor hassle but at least you will be able to use it on the laptop.

    If resetting your account password still doesn't work then you could use the contact form to get in touch with Bricsys to help you with that.
  • BTW, it should be possible to call your country distributor if there is one in your country, you can look that up on the Bricsys website. They might also be able to help you by contacting Bricsys directly.
  • I will try your link but again;
    There are no contact numbers on the web page, or they are very well hidden.
    All communications go through the "Sign On" page and if you forget your password, as I stated earlier , you cannot communicate with Brics because checking the "Forgot Password" box sends you down a nothing path, the reset password page does not exist!
    Hence, to get my "License Key" I need to go to my account page (I did not write down my key since I thought , stupidly, that I could get my key through my account link because I forgot my password and that link just continues the circle jerk!
    You may sense my frustration with Brics and that is because I went thru this when I initially bought the program over a year ago and I went thru this with their email support contact , which now has no link on their web page.
    Brics knew about the "Reset Password" problem a year ago......WTF????
    Just one truly frustrated customer, oh, and go to AutoCAD home page and right there they have both email and phone number contacts!
  • The contact numbers are on the contact page in the provided link. On the left side you can select your country to find the local resellers, the local Bricsys office (if there is one) and support desk are listed there too though you may have to scroll down a bit.

    When you bought the program you should have received an e-mail with the license key. At least that has been the case for me for years, so if you still have that e-mail then you can find your license code there.

    If you have updated your BricsCAD version to V22 during the maintenance period in case you bought V21 at the time you should have received another e-mail with the license key for V22.

    Yes I do get your frustrations, and I agree that it should be displayed more prominently so that it is easier to find. Make sure you let them know about that when you contact them.
    The reset password sends you to a page to fill out your e-mail which then sends you an e-mail with a link to reset your password. I assume you mean the latter link does not work and gives an empty page? I've had to use it once a while ago and it just worked.

    Do you perhaps have javascript/ad-blockers/privacy-plugins etc. installed in your browser? These might be blocking parts of that page that make it look like it is empty. I've had that happen in the past on some occasions with similar pages. Using another browser that doesn't have these plug-ins etc. Installed or temporarily disabling those plugins usually solved the issue.
  • I should mention that I think that Bricsys bypasses the local dealers entirely if you purchase via the website. So, dealing with these emergency reactivation requests for licenses or upgrades purchased on the Bricsys website should be the corporate office's responsibility, 24/7.
  • I should mention that I think that Bricsys bypasses the local dealers entirely if you purchase via the website. So, dealing with these emergency reactivation requests for licenses or upgrades purchased on the Bricsys website should be the corporate office's responsibility, 24/7.

    That doesn't have to be the case if there is local/regional Bricsys office. I purchased through the website and can still contact the local office for support. They also contact me to remind me that my maintenance is expiring in a couple of weeks and I have the choice to renew myself through my online account or have them do that for me.

    For (more) complex issues they do refer to the online support desk though as they don't have the extensive/specialist knowledge that online support desk has. But this applies to Autodesk as well.
    Even with Autodesk license/activation issues had to be done through the local office for quite a while until they set up an online system for that which wasn't always speedy, it was never done through the corporate office.
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    I know quite a lot of people who want to try Briscad Bim who come from Rhino 3d Field but are put off by the try of only one month… is there a possibility to extend the try for three months (90 days) to show how good is Briscad?
    Anyway it seems logical that convincing has to be not on price alone but on performance and testing….

    It will be a shame if they only use the Rhino plugin VisualArq as it is inferior as parametric software extension…. 😏

    There is no specific number of hours that makes someone full or part-time, but a full-time worker will usually work 35/40 hours or more a week so the testing has to happen in the evening or weekend… so if you have a family, that reduce this amount of time to few hours per week, three month in this scenario is not luxury but a must to get the complete gist of the software!