I am able to pdfimport [file option] external consultants pdfs[I presume non viewport] and convert to simple .dwg but when I tried to import one of my own pdfs initially generated from paper space layout/externally referenced model, only title blocks, notes in paper space are shown. All viewport information is missing. I'm sure it will be a variable that I need to change while creating original pdf.
When I tried pdf attach, all information was displayed, but when I then used pdfimport to convert to .dwg and selected attachment, once again viewport information did not display.
I am using 21.2.05 (x64) revision c77687b2 as V22 is still a bit unstable and I am still having the Publish multi sheet issue as per my previous support request.



  • PDF files are the most widely misunderstood file formats in the computing world. When a user looks at a PDF Preview they see things as they remember them in the DWG file, but that is the farthest thing from the case.

    There are absolutely ZERO intelligent objects in a PDF file. There are only paths, text and images, there is not even a true circle object, it's usually 4 bezier curves (even though a handful of readers reassemble them). Many times things that look like text is a collection of vectors. Many times things that look like vectors are actually a highly compressed high resolution image. In summary a PDF is a DUMB PLOT FILE and users need to stop expecting more from them than exists! You want more, ask for a DWG file.
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